Listen to the spiritual journey.  Free yourself and begin anew.  Travel to a distant place, and find yourself more aware of the spiritual world around you.
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Spiritual New Age music is creative and has great benefits

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Relaxing ethnic instruments and rhythms.
Blended with modern sounds.
A spiritual journey.

Sounds from inside Spiritual Haven

Spiritual Haven is fused with a variety of sounds.  The foundation is based on Western acoustic instruments — piano, oboe, bassoon, guitar, viola, cello and French horn.  These are augmented by ancient instrumentation from around the world — duduk, guzheng, grand marimba, koto, oud, krin and ethnic frame drums.


Outstanding reviews and honored distinctions.


“Spiritual Haven by Russell Suereth has got to be the most fresh and unique album that you will have heard for a long while…This has to be one of the most fascinating and cleverly woven albums that I have had the pleasure to listen to for some years.”
– Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“The compositions of this album are created and arranged with perfectionism.”
– Writings by Serge Kozlovsky

“Spiritual Haven is truly a labor of love and a work of art.”
– Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, Assistant Producer

“I particularly appreciate his flair for arranging in the way he weaves together the many and varied threads of his musical tapestries in interesting and often unexpected ways. But what stands out to me most about Russell is that he is a storyteller.”
– Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

On the music video, A Magic Flight
“From the very first opening shot, the lifting of us up and out of the mists to float with the clouds, I knew this was going to be something to savour.”
– Steve Sheppard, OWM


Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA)
• Nominated for best New Age/Ambient album in 2015

The Akademia Music Awards
• Best Album for September (Ambient/Instrumental): Spiritual Haven
• Best Song for September (Ambient/Instrumental): A Magic Flight
• Best Music Video for September (Ambient/Instrumental): Realization

Zone Music Report (ZMR)
• Spiritual Haven album ranked #4 April 2015, #6 May 2015, #21 June 2015, #31 March 2015, #40 July 2015

One World Music (OWM)
• Spiritual Haven album ranked #3 May 2015, #10 June 2015, #25 August 2015, #43 April 2015
• Top Five Videos – A Magic Flight (April 2015), Realization (May 2015)

Our Place Radio
• Spiritual Haven album – featured album April 2015

Reviews New Age
• Video of the Month – Realization (June 2015)

• Spiritual Haven album – featured album June 2015

The Journey Inside Spiritual Haven

One of my goals was to create a story for my listeners, so as they go through the songs they travel a path, and in the end they find themselves in a place that is far different from where they began.

– Russell Suereth


What is it?

New Age Music has a wide range of styles.  Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia about the definition of New Age music.  “New-age music is defined more by the effect or feeling it produces rather than the instruments used in its creation.”

New Age music can take many forms.  “There is a significant overlap of sectors of new-age music, ambient music, classical music, jazz, electronica, world music, chillout, space music and others.”

New Age music is also spiritual

“It also includes expressly spiritual new-age music as a subset.”

Spiritual New Age Music - Krishna

Benefits of Spiritual New Age Music

Sleep Benefits from Relaxing Music

“Calming music before bedtime promotes peace and relaxation and helps to induce sleep.”

Lessened Depression from Relaxing Music

“In general, soft, slow music induces the autonomous nervous system to slow down breathing and heart rate, bringing the body to a more relaxed state. And with the body and mind relaxed, feelings of anxiety and depression are lessened”.

Reduced Anxiety from Relaxing Music

“Relaxing music reduces the activity of the nervous system resulting in a decrease in anxiety, heart rate, slower breathing and lower blood pressure much like a state of meditation.”

Spiritual New Age Music - Stones

Benefits of Spirituality

Spirituality has many benefits for wellness and beyond.

“Spirituality is linked to many important aspects of human functioning–spiritual people have positive relationships, high self-esteem, are optimistic, and have meaning and purpose in life.”
Psychology Today

“It creates a sense of steadiness and grounding in change. No matter what unforeseen stuff is thrown at you, your sense of calm center is not so easily thrown off.”
Huffington Post

“Whether treating people with serious illness or helping those who are well stay that way, spiritual care has the potential to be a powerful intervention in patient care.”
Everyday Health

Spiritual New Age Music - Space Image

New Age Music Links

More information about New Age music

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One World Music Radio is a fun and entertaining site that provides artist information, and a variety of fine radio shows throughout the day and night.

The New Age Music site is a great place to find artists and resources associated with New Age music.

The International New Age Music Network for creators, promoters and lovers of visionary, transformational and consciousness expanding music. Find out about New Age artists here.

New Age Music Reviews is a great site for getting the latest info on recent releases of New Age albums.

Wikipedia is a great source of information about New Age music.

Spiritual New Age Music - Buddha Image