Listen to the spiritual journey.
Free yourself and begin anew.
Travel to a distant place.
Find yourself more aware of the spiritual world around you.


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  • Created and produced by Russell Suereth.  Vocals by Russell Suereth.
  • Production consultation and assistance by Jeff Silverman, Aeone, and Byron Metcalf.
  • Bass programming on Where Will I Go, A Ride to Virgo, and The Walls are Tumbling by Miklos Malek.
  • Additional programming and production by Miklos Malek
  • Mixed and Mastered by Miklos Malek

The Path in Spiritual Odyssey

Inside the Spiritual Odyssey album is a path that takes the listener on a spiritual journey.
Each song in the album chronicles a step in this path. The journey begins by breaking free of the constraints and boundaries that keep you from your spiritual existence. You’ll travel to a distant place where you’ll become more aware of the universe and how it works. Later, you find yourself more aware of the spiritual world around you, and of your own spiritual existence.

  1. Break the Chains: Free yourself and begin your spiritual journey.
  2. My Beating Heart: Your world has changed. Focus on your breathing and your heartbeat as you begin anew.
  3. Where Will I Go: Expand your horizons and begin seeing a broader view of your own existence.
  4. A Ride to Virgo: Experiencing new places and open spaces can be important steps on your spiritual path.
  5. So Far Away: You’ve journeyed to a distant place – there’s much to see.
  6. The Hidden Dance: New perspectives let you see the universe working in ways you didn’t see before.
  7. It’s All Around: Everywhere you turn you see more clearly.
  8. The Walls are Tumbling: You encounter many hurdles. Accept them. They help you grow.
  9. Seed of Imagery: The universe flows through you and enhances your awareness and creativity.
  10. A Burning Rainbow: Your spiritual essence radiates depth and color.
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